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  MCC Baosteel Technology Services Co., Ltd. (MCC Baosteel ) is a subsidiary of China Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to MCC Group, the stock code is 601618 ),  the best service in China and has wide range international influence.

  The registered capital of MCC Baosteel is 120 million yuan, total assets exceeds 420 million yuan with nearly 20,000 employees. Since undertaking the first metallurgical production services of Baosteel in 1985, the company has accumulated a lot of experience in modern metallurgical production, operation, service and management. It can provide metallurgical enterprises all over the world with equipment maintenance, cooperation in production, manufacture of metallurgical special equipment, processing and repair of new materials and spare parts, the comprehensive utilization of steel slag, metallurgical engineering technology upgraded transformation, engineering consulting and other professional services. MCC Baosteel has made business with many domestic and foreign metallurgy enterprises, like Baosteel, Anshan steel, Shougang, TISCO, Shandong steel, Hebei steel, Hunan Liangang, Formosa Ha Tinh steel. Besides that, MCC Baosteel also involved in municipal construction, real estate development, fuel supply, warehousing logistics, life services, vocational training and other related service industries, which formed diversified industrial layout.

  After MCC Baosteel’s rapid development for over 30 years, the company has established a good brand image,gained good reputation and its market competitiveness and sustainable development ability keep strengthening which all for its first-class technology, advanced management and high quality services. MCC Baosteel is working steadily towards the target of becoming a facilitator of metallurgical production and operation that is the best in China and of global competitiveness;

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