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  maintenance of equipment

  (1)、brief introduction

  Since the beginning,MCC Baosteel has undertaken the equipment maintenance of Baosteel, Shougang Group, Maanshan Iron and steel, Magang, Shagang Group, Hangang,  Rizhao Steel Group,Shandong steel group,Vietnam Ha Tinh steel factory and other large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprise around the world. The services includes overhaul of electrometer equipment of whole metallurgical process chain and all kinds of special equipment, the service area involves the port, iron-making, steel-making, hot rolling, cold rolling, energy factory, power plants, transport terminal and so on. The company has accumulated a lot of experience in modern metallurgical production, operation, service and management, and it has the advantages of management, human resources, technology and equipment..

  The company provides the spot inspection and maintenance of equipment in metallurgical areas like iron-making raw materials, sintering, coke oven, blast furnace, steel-making converter, electric furnace, continuous casting; hot rolling; cold rolling; energy and public auxiliary works, port and so on.

  (2)、 service area

   Iron-making system

   Raw material area

  1.Operation and maintenance services of raw material crushing system

  2.Installation, renovation and maintenance services of large stacker

  3.Assembling & disassembling and maintenance services of large pot machinery

  4.Disassembling,maintenance and renovation service of large bridge type grab ship unloader

   Sintering area

  1.Operation and maintenance of sintering system equipment

  2.Overhaul and transformation of sintering machine

  3.Online maintenance and overhaul of sintering machine

  4.Integration of operation and maintenance of sintering environmental-friendly protection equipment

  5.Overall rapid replacement of large sinter ring cold machine

  6.Online system maintenance of DL ESCS electrostatic precipitator (ESP) , etc.

   Coke oven area

  1.Operation and maintenance of coke oven system equipment

  2.Online maintenance of large storage tank equipment

  3.Boiler maintenance service

  4.High altitude replacement of boiler header and quick repair service of the pipeline in the furnace

   Blast furnace area

  1.Operation and maintenance of blast furnace system equipment

  2.Replacement service of super large blast furnace shell

  3.Online quick change service of cooling plate

  4.Quick change service of blast furnace air outlet

  5.Blast furnace refractory building maintenance

   steel-making system

   converter steel-making

  1.Maintenance of converter system equipment

  2.Large iron ladle integrated service

  3.Online maintenance service of large converter

  (1)Replacement of the water tank, furnace cover, upper smoke cover and group cover

  4.Maintenance and renewal service of metallurgical crane

  5.Operation and maintenance of steel-making refining equipment

  Electric furnace steel-making

  1.Operation and maintenance of electric furnace system equipment

  2.Replacement of electric furnace shell and flue

  3.Replacement of electric furnace bottom electrode

  4.Replacement and alignment of electric furnace electrode

  5.Renovation of tilting shaking frame of electric furnace

  6.Replacement of electrode rotating column base, swivel bearing and water-cooling cable

   Continuous casting area

  1.Maintenance of continuous casting machine

  2.Rapid replacement of continuous casting machine segment and maintenance technical service

  3.Rapid maintenance of crystallizer and bumper.

  4.Maintenance of large package turntable.

  5.Repair of edge scarfer and sharpening machine.

  rolling system

   Hot rolled flat material area

  1.Operation and maintenance of hot rolled flat material steel rolling equipment

  2.Maintenance and overhaul of thin strip roughing mill and finishing mill

  3.Basic renovation of full line roller table

  4.Maintenance,renovation and repair of pushing machine, steel loading machine

  5.Adjustment and repair of transport chains and its relating devices

  6.Repair services of the slitting shear, cutting shear, bilateral shear and fixed-scale shear of medium and heavy plate

  7.Maintenance of heating furnace and annealing furnace

   Hot rolled long material area

  1.Equipment maintenance of seamless steel pipe plant

  2.Equipment maintenance of high speed wire mill

   Cold rolling area

  1.Operation and maintenance of cold rolling system equipment

  2.Online maintenance of large scale equipment

  3.Replacement of Vertical looper hoisting rope ,etc.

   Wide and thick plate area

  1.Repair of heating furnace, heat treatment furnace and other equipment

  2.Maintenance of shearing equipment

  3.Maintenance of shot blasting machine, straightening machine and other equipment

   Energy and public auxiliary works

  1.Overhaul of wide plate flow cell

  2.Maintenance of generator

  3.Maintenance of steam pipe of sintered ring cooling boiler

  4.Operation and maintenance of 35kV majishan port substation

  5.Maintenance of various pressure vessels, medium pipes, water pumps and other equipment

   Port terminal

  1.Port machine operation

  2.Tug sailor operation

  Special equipment

  1. Maintenance service of blast furnace elevator

  2. Maintenance service of 450 tons bridge crane

  3. Maintenance service of yard door crane

  4. Maintenance service of isotopic equipment

   Special steel equipment

  1. Operation and maintenance of special steel steel-making, strip steel, steel pipe (hot extrusion tube billet), forging, cold rolling, hot rolling and other production equipment.

  2. Integrated professional services combined by bridge crane operation, inspection, repair and spare parts selling.

  Region: Baosteel Special Steel, Xingcheng Special Steel, Daye Special Steel, etc.

  3. Integrated services of forging equipment combined by routine maintenance, spot inspection, transportation insurance, maintenance and spare parts selling.

  Region: Baosteel Special Steel: 13MN, 20MN, 40 MN, 60 MN;

  Daye Special Steel: 16MN, 20MN, 30 MN, 45 MN;

  Tiangong Special Steel: 8MN, 13MN, 20MN, etc.

  4. Integrated services of rolling equipment combined by routine maintenance, spot inspection, transportation insurance, maintenance and spare parts selling:

  Region: Baosteel long material company: Bar No. 1 factory , Bar No. 2 factory , Wire Mill,  Strip Hot Rolling Plant and Cold Rolling Plant.

  Xingcheng Special Steel: 3500mm medium plate plant, 4300 mm thick plate plant and so on.

  5. Integrated services of special smelting equipment combined by routine maintenance and transportation insurance:

  Region: Baosteel: 40t electric furnace, 60t electric furnace, 100t electric furnace, electric slag furnace, self-consumption furnace;

  Xingcheng Special Steel: 150t converter, slab caster and so on.

  6. Overall contract of furnace function state, integrated service of industrial furnace combined by spot inspection, maintenance and spare parts selling:

  Region: Baosteel Special Steel: all heating furnace, annealing furnace, soaking furnace, etc.

  other services

  1. railway locomotive maintenance

  2. railway track maintenance

  3. project NDT service

  (3)、 Customers


  Shanghai: Baosteel, Baosteel Special Steel, Baosteel stainless steel

  Jiangsu: Nanjing steel, Xingcheng Special Steel, Baosteel Meishan Steel

  Zhejiang: Majishan Port

  Hebei: Shougang Jingtang, Hanbao steel

  Shandong: Shandong steel group, Rizhao Steel Group, Qingdao Special Steel.

  Hunan: Lianyuan steel, Valin Ansel Mittal

  Guangdong: Zhanjiang steel, SISG, Yang Chunxin steel

  Anhui: Maanshan steel

  Shanxi: TISCO Group

  Xinjiang: Bayi steel


  Vietnam : Formosa Ha Tinh steel.

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