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   production and operation

  (1) brief introduction

  Since the beginning, MCC Baosteel has been engaged in production and operation business in Baosteel. The business involves iron-making plants, steel-making plants, thick plate plants, silicon steel departments, transport departments, power plants, etc. The customers also includes Baosteel Industrial Corporation, Baosteel Chemical Company, Baosteel stainless Steel Company, Baosteel Special Steel Company, Qingdao Special Steel Company. It is one of the most important strategic partners of Baosteel Group.

  Through persistent exploring and innovation, the company abstracts out the "ten core" brand business in the iron&steel metallurgical production and operation service field, and sets up the brand image of the enterprise while providing high quality and value-added service for the owner. It highly improved its competitiveness in the market.

  (2) core services

  1.Management,production and operation of blast furnace water slag equipment.

  2.Management,production and operation of sintering flue gas desulfurization equipment

  3.Management,production and operation of hot metal pretreatment equipment

  4.Management,masonry maintenance and operation of industrial furnace equipment

  5.Management,production and operation of metallurgical slag treatment equipment

  6.Development,production and operation of metallurgy auxiliary materials

  7.Finishing cleaning and operation of continuous cast slab

  8.Integrated services of construction equipment and bridge crane combined by management, operation,

  9.maintenance and repair.

  10.Management,production and operation of port terminal equipment

  (3)Main customers

  Shanghai: Baosteel, Baosteel Special Steel, Baosteel stainless steel

  Zhejiang: Majishan Port

  Shandong: Shandong steel group, Rizhao Steel Group, Qingdao Special Steel.

  Guangdong: Zhanjiang steel, SISG, Yang Chunxin steel


      Vietnam : Formosa Ha Tinh steel factory.


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