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   Equipment manufacturing and new materials

  (1)brief introduction

  Based on MCC Group globalization service platform and metallurgical whole system general contracting ability, with the help of Baosteel advanced technology and brand advantage, MCC Baosteel formed whole industry chain technical service ability including design,development, manufacturing, operation,repair,maintenance and after-sales service. And has leading advanced technology in the metallurgical special equipment, high-end welding consumables, unshaped refractories and other areas in China. After many years of hard work, MCC Baosteel has formed "MCC heavy machinery", "special steel mold", "MCC welding material" and "Baojiuhe refractory" four brands, the business covers iron and steel metallurgy, non-ferrous, mining, transportation, electricity, energy, nuclear power and other fields.

  (2)core business

  1.Manufacture and repair of metallurgical equipment

  MCC Baosteel equipment manufacture industrial park has the ability to design and manufacture special vehicle, non-standard equipment, high-end steel structure and so on. It can undertake the manufacture of special vehicles, such as slag pot carrier, hot-metal carrier, hopper truck, bidirectional towing carrier, frame carrier and so on. It also can repair equipment and spare parts like slag treatment roller, slag pot tipping equipment, welding slag pot, other metallurgical slag treatment integration equipment, non-standard equipment,  various kinds of roller, wheel, pump, cylinder, steel-making cover, continuous casting fan section, scrap hopper,trolley and so on.

  2.Process and manufacture of special steel products

  MCC Baosteel special steel area has the complete process and manufacturing capability, it is the supplier of single machine, approved product, designated spare parts that valuated by steel consumption of Baosteel special steel. It has mature manufacturing processes especially in hot extrusion die, steel die, diameter forging hammer, non-standard structural parts and other products. The company can undertake the manufacture of all kinds of non-standard spare parts, castings (ingot die), forging die, hot extrusion die and other products in special steel area.

  3.Design and manufacture of industrial furnaces

  The company undertakes the design, manufacture, installation, transformation, maintenance and transportation insurance business of heating furnace and annealing furnace. It successively design, manufacture, install more than 200 moving cover type, car bottom type, ringlike type heating furnace and annealing furnace for Baosteel special steel, Hubei Xinye steel, Xingcheng special steel and other domestic special steel enterprises.

  4.High-end welding material

  Shanghai Baoxuan metal products co., Ltd is a company specialized in welding material production, with an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons. The products involve carbon steel, high strength steel, heat resistant steel, weathering resistant steel, pipeline steel and other products, which total has 23 kinds and more than 200 standards. These products have been used in birds nest steel structure, Pudong Airport, Global Financial Center, Xinzhe-Guangdong Oil Pipeline project, etc. The main customers include Hudong Zhonghua Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. , Yangzijiang Shipping Co., Ltd., Jiangnan Ship building Co., Ltd. ,Seiko Steel Construction Group, Hangxiao Steel Structure Group, Baosteel Group, Shandong Shengli Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., Julong Steel Tube, Zoomlion, ZPMC, Zhengzhou Coal Mine Machinery Group, etc.

  5.High-end refractory

  Shanghai Baojiuhe Refractory Co., Ltd introduced the advanced technology from Japan. Its products include all kinds of unshaped refractory, among which the iron ditch refractory for large blast furnace is one of the best in China. The company also has rich furnace construction experience and technology, is a professional technical service company which integrates the manufacture and construction of refractory materials. The company has developed its own mortar products, which have online repair technology of high pressure resistant blast furnace, and the waterless mud-gun has been rapidly advertised and applied in various aspects. Apart from widely used in Shougang, Baosteel, Angang and other well-known domestic steel enterprises, the products also exported to Russia, Japan, Germany, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and other international markets.

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